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I'm Sarah and I'm a coach.

Coaching For Square Pegs is here to help you find the confidence and inner strength to overcome your personal barriers, empowering you to create a lifestyle where you can live by your own rules, be guided by your personal values and succeed on your own terms.

So you’re probably thinking, do I even need a coach?


Well, the chances are that you do if…

You feel stuck personally and/or professionally and unable to make positive changes


You want to move forward in life, but lack direction

You want to clear the fog and gain a sense of clarity about what you want in life

You want to identify your strengths and personal values


You want to define your own parameters for success

So what's coaching all about?

Giving you the time and space to THINK about your future 


Giving you the time and space to EXPLORE your ideas without having them invalidated 


Giving you the time and space to ARTICULATE what you want for yourself without the fear of judgement 

What will coaching give you?

Self belief and greater self awareness


Steps for achieving your goals 


A clearer understanding of your strength and guiding values 


A sense of excitement and empowerment about your future 


Self compassion 


The confidence to accept your vulnerabilities and live life on your terms

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Before you make any decisions, it might help to know a little bit more about me.

I’m a professional ICF* approved coach

I’m a Hogan** accredited leadership
development consultant 

I’m a team workshop facilitator

I’m an LVI*** 360° feedback practitioner

I’m a Hogan trainer

*International Coaching Federation

**Hogan Assessment Systems:

***Leadership Versatility Index:

Three years ago I was a senior account director within a content marketing agency. I’d worked hard to get to where I was, constantly balancing motherhood alongside my career. I was working with big brands and leading big creative teams, but deep down, I felt lost, tired and unsatisfied. I was 40 and felt frustrated that I still hadn’t found a career that felt worthwhile. I felt directionless and it was having a negative impact on all aspects of my life.


I now realise what I needed back then was the time and space to; think about my wants and needs, explore my ideas and articulate my aspirations without the fear of judgement or invalidation. It was an emotional journey, but eventually I found the confidence and inner strength to overcome my personal barrier and change my reality.  I could help you do the same.

My Story.

So, what now?

If you’re curious and would like a FREE exploratory chat to find out a bit more about the coaching process, what it costs and whether I’m the right coach for you, you can get in touch in the following ways...

07739 420096


Instagram: @coaching_4_squarepegs

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